Alabama Music & Audio Supervision, LLC

Over Twenty-five years of experience makes us one of the best audio visual consultants in the Southeast. We have a value that no other A/V companies offer. We are a resource for all your home theater systems, soundproofing & A/V needs and installations. We provide quality service and years of experience that make us truly unique to customizing every experience to your desires.

We provide quality service and years of experience, call for a consultation.

Michael is extremely knowledgeable and does incredible work. It would be difficult to find someone else to do this quality of work. Very easy to work with. Highly recommend!

George S. Birmingham, Al. 9/24/18

home audio installation birmingham al

We design and install home entertainment systems that are affordable and easy to use.

acoustical treatment birmingham al

Customizable acoustic design ideal for soundproof insulation and acoustic resonance.

Room Acoustics birmingham al

Home theater systems, installation, surround sound & TV mounting service.

commercial sound system birmingham al

Commercial sound system installation. Upgrade your church, business or school with new technology.

We provide quality service and years of experience, call for a consultation.

Our services include:

Buy Direct

We refer you to the right products and whenever possible, you buy them direct to save money and time.


From the acoustical design of soundproof insulation to acoustical room treatments, we have the experience.

Church Audio / Sound

We specialize in small & medium church audio systems & acoustics. Easy to use, and the highest quality surround sound within your budget.

Audio System Design

Our designs incorporate the size and shape of the room, the acoustics, speaker placement, operators, functionality, and budget.


Let us do the maintenance and calibrate your school or church sound system so that it sounds great!

Professional Installation

Whether it's mounting a TV, installing a recessed speaker our attention to detail is unmatched.

Commercial Service

A/V designs for business and commercial applications are a real passion for us. Let us help you with your church, school or business.

We specialize in private parties, corporate events, civic events, concerts, church events as well as music festivals.


Over 25 years of ongoing music production in the Southeast keeps us connected with the best talent in the region.


Call us for a "real world" analysis of your system, done by audio professionals before you invest in something new.

Safety First

We design, document, record, and oversee all the operational safety guidelines set forth by the Event Saftey Alliance.

Music Supervision

We help both musicians, and clients, to achieve the best possible results through advisement, recommendations, and management.


Let us help you find that unique, original music track to license, or we can also custom produce the music based on your clients needs.

Real Talk

We offer no false hopes, and tell it like it is. The music business is a constantly evolving industry very similar to the tech world.


Our past clients include animal shelters, dance studios, recording and video studios, churches, schools, music venues, restaurants and residential homes.

Articulate Sound

Even modest audio gear can produce amazing sound quality if the room itself sounds good.