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What Can We Do For Your Hoover, Birmingham, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook or Bessemer, AL Church?

We specialize in church sound system installation for small and medium sized churches

Your church audio system can make or break your congregation’s experience. If you don’t have a quality sound system, your service won’t be as impactful. Some attendees might not be able to hear everything.

Fortunately, Alabama Music & Audio Supervision, LLC specializes in church sound system design and installation in the Hoover, Birmingham, Mountain Brook & Vestavia Hills, AL area. With the correct audio system & acoustical treatments, your message and your music experience will be clean and articulate for all to hear and enjoy.

Contact us today to learn more about our sound systems for churches in the Hoover, Birmingham, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook & Bessemer, AL area.

 25+ years of acoustic design experience

When you hire Alabama Music & Audio Supervision for your church sound system design and installation in Birmingham, AL, you’ll be thrilled with the results. Our audio engineers and audio consultants have over two decades of acoustic design experience. We design and install acoustic treatments in your worship space that:

Absorb sound and reduce echo

Diffuse and redirect sound energy

Create high-quality direct sound

We also install audio systems at schools in Hoover, Birmingham, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook & Bessemer, AL. Call now to get an estimate on your audio system.

Givers gain, and that is what we do.

We give world class audio & acoustical experience to small & medium church communities

Having trouble hearing the Pastor, Music Minister or worship band of your church?

Let us do the sound system maintenance, room tune and calibrate your church sound system so that it sounds great!

Don’t settle for inarticulate sound. Don’t waste the talent of your worship musicians or clergy. Let them be heard & understood throughout your worship hall!

Audio system design for churches is a real passion for us. Having toured the world and run sound in almost every major venue, casino, and theater in the United States makes us uniquely qualified and experienced to help solve your churches audio problems.

A quality sound system design is not just about speakers and amps. Our designs incorporate the size and shape of the room, the acoustics, speaker placement, operators, functionality, and budget.

If you have problems with an existing system, reach out to us.
We offer church sound system maintenance; calibration, room tuning, acoustic treatments and audio upgrades that will help optimize your existing commercial audio video system’s performance. Contact or call 205-790-1109