Room Acoustics

Nothing will improve your listening experience as much as great room acoustics. Even modest audio gear can produce amazing sound quality if the room itself sounds good.

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Absorptive treatments are very effective at taming flutter echo and mid to high frequency reflections.

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Redirecting the sound energy in a room can keep a room from becoming acoustically dead.

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Digitally tuning a room can sometimes treat issues beyond absorption and diffusion.

acoustical design birmingham al

We have over 25 years experience in audio design, acoustical treatments and noise control.

From simple residential noise issues such as garage door openers, HVAC units and washrooms to commercial sound isolation, we will find the solution to make your life less noisy.

Our past clients include animal shelters, dance studios, recording and video studios, churches, schools, music venues, restaurants and residential homes in Pelham, Birmingham, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, and Bessemer, AL. From the acoustical design of sound isolation and noise reduction to acoustical room treatments we have the experience to solve your residential or commercial sonic problems.