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A Home Audio System Can Play Music Throughout Your Home

Turn to the pros in Hoover, Birmingham, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook & Bessemer, AL for home audio installation services

In-home music players have come a long way from the bulky boomboxes of the '80s and fragile CD players of the 2000s. Today, Hoover, Birmingham, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook & Bessemer, AL area homeowners only need smartphones and home audio systems to play music in any room.

Alabama Music & Audio Supervision, LLC offers home audio installation services customized to your space, budget and needs. Contact us today to talk to a home audio specialist in Hoover, Birmingham, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook & Bessemer, AL.

Take advantage of our 25+ years of experience

Our knowledgeable team can set up your home audio system so that...

  • You can control your devices through a virtual assistant.
  • You can use a wired or wireless connection.
  • You can listen to music on your deck.

Contact us today to discuss your home audio installation needs.

What We Do

Home Theater

Watch HDTV, Blu-ray DVD's, play video games, download movies, or surf the web.. all at one location with awesome digital surround sound and crystal-clear HD picture.

A home entertainment system increases the value of your home and it's resale potential.

Home Audio

Add music and smart assistants to your deck or any other room in your house both wired and wireless.


We consult and design the system that fits your needs.(Fee varies based on job size.) We refer you to the right products and when ever possible, you buy them direct to save money. We install the products and do your job the right way the first time. Our consultation fee will save you time and money and insure that you get the best system for your budget & space. (Per hour labor or project price)

Here's how we do it: We Listen To You.

We design home theater systems for you based on your lifestyle and budget.

We do not sell or up-sell you anything that you don't need. From a small flat panel and surround sound system to a projection system with built-in speakers.